Sludge Disposal Bags

  • UN Approved 1 cubic yard bag.
  • Holds up to 2000 pounds.
  • Same-day shipment.
  • Bag dimensions are 36″L x 36″W x 40″H
Sludge Disposal Bags

Sludge Disposal Bag

These heavy-duty, 1 cubic yard bags hold the equivalent of 3 to 4 barrels of F006 sludge – giving you a significant cost savings over barrels. UN approved, the Albax sludge disposal bag is a closed-bottom, duffel top, woven polypropylene bag, with a separate, inner polyethylene liner (3mil or 6mil) as a moisture barrier.

They are in-stock, for same day shipment. Each bag has 4 corner lifting slings, holds up to 2000 pounds, and is clearly marked with our exemption number as required by UN. Also available are optional features such as: sewn-on document pouches; top and/or bottom spouted openings; and special markings.

Sludge Bag Skid Kit™

The Sludge Bag Skid Kit station holds the Albax UN Certified Sludge Bag open during fill operations. The Skid Kitfeatures a low cost and simple installation, using your existing pallets for in-plant transfer. The Skid Kit™ consists of 4, floor mounted PVC pipe-stands located out-board of your standard 36″ wide pallets. The pipe-stands retain the lifting slings of the Sludge Disposal Bag, keeping the bag open for filling. When full, the bag is closed and can be moved either by the pallet or by the lifting slings.

(note: does not include pallet or floor fasteners)