Filter Press Accessories

“O” Ring Gasketing

O Ring Gasketing
EDPM rubber “0” ring gasket for caulked, gasketed, recessed chamber plates.  Available in 100-foot spools.  We can also supply Viton and Buna Gasketing.  Please specify plate size when ordering.

Cake Removal Spatulas

Cake Removal Spatulas
All-plastic spatulas are used to dislodge sludge cake from filter cloths and minimizes damage to cloths.

  • 13 1/2″ long spatulas are suitable for plates up to 800 mm
  • 40″ long are available for larger plates

Caulking Wedges

Caulking Wedges
Speeds up your cloth installation; insures a proper fit; and lessens fatigue.   Machined from solid polypropylene, the Albax wedge protects cloths from damage during installation.

Caulking Hammers

Reduces fatigue and potential injuries when installing CGR cloths.  These “dead-blow” caulking hammers have a shot-filled hollow head – reducing shock at the point of impact, and to wrists and elbows.  One-piece cast design, with soft face.

Air Hammers

Albax recommends the use of an Air Hammer for larger filter press plates (1000mm and above) or presses with more than 20 plates. The Air Hammer installs new filter cloths and gasket material fast and easy cutting installation times by 70%.  Designed to replace the “Hammer and Wedge” method for filter presses, the Air Hammer will pay for itself the first time you use it.